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    Shanghai Yi Hui Textile Co., Ltd.
    Address: Shanghai Jiading District Nanxiang Shunfeng Road 168 2 buildings 2
    Contact person: Li Jingli
    Machine: 021-69927225
    Mobile phone: 18930388455
    Web site: www.360bbc.cn

    About Yi Hui
    Shanghai Yi Hui Textile Co., Ltd. is a set design, development, procurement, production, sales of clothing enterprises. The company is headquartered in Shanghai, the company has advanced production equipment and high-quality staff, the company has more than 500 employees, is due to business needs and gradually expanded, satisfactory products is committed to provide you with high quality, high precision, low cost.
    With the cooperation of printing factory, embroidery factory, embossing factory and heat transfer and other ancillary processing, as well as with high quality credible fabric suppliers and accessories suppliers have long-term, good relations of cooperation, in order to ensure the stable quality of products and services. In addition, our company has a professional training of sales team, to provide convenient, pleasant business environment for you.
    Over the years, the company always adhere to the "honesty, professional adjacent the first" purpose, "customer first, service first" for the idea. Accumulated rich experience in the industry, the ...
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    Address: Shanghai Jiading District Nanxiang Shunfeng Road 168 2 buildings 2
    Mobile phone: 18930388455 contact: Li Jingli mailbox:Vivianlee@east-sunshine.com

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